This Happened in Art Class: Edible Color Wheels

It was the first day back to school after the Thanksgiving break. Students were a little groggy after having a week off filled with family and food. We started the first Painting class for the winter term reviewing the color wheel and color terminology. Next, I gave these bleary-eyed high school students the challenge of making edible color wheels. In an effort to save money, I made the frosting with confectioners sugar, corn syrup and water atop generic vanilla wafers. Admittedly, the 'edible' factor was questionable. Nonetheless, it proved to be a fun way to consider color mixing and review the color wheel and only took about 20 minutes of class time.

Bentley Student Art Show at Montclair Gallery

Here it is! My final project as a Bentley teacher. There is currently a K-12 Student Art Show at Montclair Gallery. The gallery is in the Bay/Sotheby's Realty company at 1986 Mountain Blvd in Oakland. We had a reception last night and I was so impressed with the number of families and students who came out, despite it being Game 6 of the NBA Finals with the Warriors and Cavs! Congratulations to these talented Bentley artists and thanks to Debra at Bay/Sotheby's for hosting the nice reception.