my process. #1.

I was thinking it might be a good idea to start putting into writing some thoughts on my creative process. I’m going to use this blog to do it since I doubt many folks are reading it and if you are, well, you’ve been warned so go on + click on something else before I drag you down with me. I’m constantly obsessed with weird aspects of making art. Yet my friend Stuart, a Humanities scholar, told me that there is very little writing out there about artists’ creative process, except for that great little book called The Giacometti Portrait. Surprising.

#1. collage items

I often stop on the street to pick up interesting looking bits of paper that I see lying around. The other day, on a run, I spotted one of those little numbers that you’d pick when you are waiting in line at a bakery or the returns department at Ikea or something. It was pink. And I loved the shape-you know, that little u-like shape? Plus, I’m really into pink lately (that’s a whole different post right there). I just ran right by it, but on the entire 45-minute run, I kept thinking about that damn paper and that I should have picked it up. I made sure my return route went right by the spot where I first saw it. Guess what?! It was still there! Nobody else nabbed it. Lucky me. Some days I don’t see much that I want to pick up off the ground and I become convinced that everyone else is doing big collage paintings too and they are taking all the good stuff. The other day I scolded my husband for throwing away a used butter wrapper. Why else would I have washed the darn thing? I also buy food items for the package’s aesthetics, thinking ahead to how I can use that box or bag in a painting. I’m always saving little bits of found paper. The inside of my purse is so gross.