process. #2. overworked.

Most of my paintings have about 27 layers of paint. One painting I’m currently working on has a troublesome area that is about 5x5 inches in size. I’ve probably spent about 10 hours on that one section. It’s embarrassing to admit, really. Currently that section is completely covered in blue house paint. Sad.

I often spend more time working on a painting to make it look like I actually spent less time on it. “Let me go back into this painting so it looks like I finished it last week when I actually should have and by the way, can I have those 20 hours back, universe?” But once it’s gone, once I push it over the cliff and kill it, I can’t get it back. For some reason I’m convinced I can. “No, it can’t be that hard to go all David Park back into this painting and make it fresh!” It never works.

Last week my friend Tyler was here and mentioned that he had a professor in college who gave the assignment to bring in their paintings 70 percent finished. Ding ding ding! The lightbulb went off. Or the bell sounded. Whatever. I’m stating it here: I will no longer let my crazy obsessiveness (next post?) allow me to keep trying to revive dead paint.

So, just leave it, Meredith. If you see me, remind me.